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Arizona Farms Cheese

Cheese box with Tapenade

In 2009, we were getting tired of the harsh Wisconsin winters, so we packed up our operation and moved south!

We found a great partner in United Dairymen of Arizona to provide all the fresh milk needed for our cheese-making.

Using authentic cheese-making techniques, passed down through the generations, you can now enjoy fresh delicious cheese and cheese curds in Arizona!


Made in Tempe, Arizona. Our cheese-makers use only fresh, Arizona milk to ensure you get the best-tasting cheese. Come into our retail store (map) on Thursdays, after 1 pm, to get our cheese curds at their squeakiest. We can also supply bulk cheese, 5 lb blocks or even 5 lb bags of cheese curds by request

Gift Baskets

Our Arizona Farms Cheese Gift Baskets are the perfect gift for clients or friends.

Welcome your clients home, congratulate friends, or delight a fellow cheese lover with this unique gift idea.

Each basket is filled with entertaining essentials like our locally made cheese along with other local snacks and sides.

Want to build your own? Inquire about custom orders in the contact form.